It's your chance to earn rewards - including FREE tux rental, suit to keep, and cash - just by getting friends to rent their prom tuxes at Men's Wearhouse. Plus you could win $25,000! What are you waiting for?

  • If your school name is not available above please
  • contact us at promnation@tmw.com or 1-800-597-8897

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Terms & Conditions | Prom Rep Official Rules

1 STEVEN BROWN IL 5120974 130/75
2 RYAN RANELLS CA 4990841 114/70
3 JOSH SNYDER PA 5181527 180/55
4 CLEAPATRA BILLUPS SC 5114330 61/55
5 ALAN GALICIA AZ 5218147 48/46
6 LOGAN FOREST LA 5180090 40/35
7 AUSTIN TATE TX 5121590 35/35
8 BAILEY BAUGH LA 5222797 41/34
9 JORDAN SALINAS MI 4986807 73/32
10 FIELD BENNETT MS 5135221 28/28
11 JOSEPH ELLIS CA 5189831 53/26
12 COLIN STOKER OK 5184325 31/26
13 ANTHONY ANINSMAN PA 5159555 29/26
14 TYLER GUNN CA 5103432 29/25
15 SEYI SALAU FL 5203861 28/24
16 RILEY BOTZ KS 5182275 26/24
17 TABER FISHER KS 5152305 24/24
18 JUSTIN LEWIS CA 5149189 24/23
18 MATTHEW URREA JR AZ 5204373 24/23
20 MARVIN TIMOTHY - 5040518 23/23
20 NICK SPARTI AZ 5091355 23/23
20 JAKE TOBY WI 5167658 23/23
23 TYLER GERSTEMEIER FL 5086668 34/22
24 JONATHAN DUNN OH 5196872 29/22
25 RYAN SULLIVAN NY 5140125 25/22
26 DUSTYN RIVEIRO FL 5147522 24/22
27 COLTON POURIER SD 5143690 23/22
28 JERMAINE GRAY NC 5164468 26/21
29 SAHIRA MELO NC 5107175 24/21
30 TREVOR KING CO 4960282 22/21
30 CARSON ALBAREZ LA 5145023 22/21
32 WYATT SCHMOOKLER FL 5133347 21/21
33 CODY JENKINS NC 5165851 35/20
34 MICHAEL O'DONNELL NE 5140939 23/20
35 DEVON MCPHERSON CA 5145933 21/20
35 NICHOLAS HALE AZ 5017038 21/20
37 SEAN GARSCHI CA 5101715 20/20
37 JUAN PARDO AL 5185518 20/20
37 EDWARD LAI AZ 5176352 20/20
37 JORDAN ARGUE WI 5200327 20/20
37 JATHAN CUTRER LA 5130053 20/20
42 JEFFREY LEE CA 5165832 21/19
43 JOSHUA BETHANY CO 5146486 20/19
44 JACOB BACHERT TX 5199767 22/18
45 ANDREW RODRIGUEZ TX 5073484 20/18
46 KENDALL STOUDEMIRE TX 5165007 19/18
47 MICHAEL ANDERSON CA 4989882 18/18
47 JUSTIN HULL SC 5170747 18/18
47 JD HILL TX 5007522 18/18
47 JEREMY BRUHL LA 5171847 18/18
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Rock out with our tux'ed break dancers!

1. Q: When did the contest start?

A: The contest runs Jan 6 - Jun 29.

2. What's the age limit for being a Prom Rep?

A: You must enrolled as a full time student at an accredited high school and be 14 years of age or older.

3. Q: Where are the contest rules?

A: Prom Rep Challenge and Sweepstakes Official Rules can be found at menswearhouse.com/promrules.

4. Q: What are the Terms and Conditions for the Prom Rep program?

A: Prom Rep Terms and Conditions can be found at menswearhouse.com/promrules

5. Q: How do I find out more about tuxedo terms and conditions?

A: Complete tuxedo rental terms and conditions can be found at menswearhouse.com/tuxrentalterms

6. Q: Do I have to have a valid email address to be in the contest?

A: No, participants need only a valid street and phone number address so we can contact you and distribute the contest prize.

7. What if I don't have an email address?

A: To truly enjoy the benefits and compete in the PRC we encourage you to get an email address. There are several sites that offer free email accounts, such as gmail.com, yahoo.com. Once you have provided an email during PRC sign-up, you can request referral stats via SMS/text on your dashboard.

8. Q: Can I receive mobile text messages instead of emails?

A: Yes, Prom Reps can get updates via SMS/text. To request updates via text log on to your dashboard and click on the SMS/text link.

9. Q: Is there a mobile app for the Prom Rep program?

A: Yes! Download our FREE mobile Prom Rep App from the iTunes App store.

10. Q: When will you announce the winner of the Prom Rep Challenge?

A: July 14, 2014, the participant with the most paid in full referrals obtained during the challenge period will be declared the contest winner. The contest winner will be announced by August 27, 2014. For complete details, visit menswearhouse.com/promrules

11. Q: I noticed some kids with Men's Wearhouse Prom Rep t-shirts-how do I get one?

A: Pretty cool shirt, huh? You can pick one up at your local Men's Wearhouse store while supplies last. To find the location nearest you, click here menswearhouse.com/storelocator

12. Q: I lost my password. How do I retrieve it?

A: Use the "forgot password" link on the website to have a new password emailed to you or call us at 1.866.211.0831.

13. Q: How long does it take for my profile to be updated?

A: Profiles are updated every day throughout the day. It could take up to 24-hrs for changes to occur.

14. What do I do if I need more Prom Rep Referral Discount Cards?

A: You can print them yourself by logging in to your dashboard at menswearhouse.com/prom OR you can go into your nearest store and ask for more menswearhouse.com/storelocator.

15. What is a Leaderboard?

A: The leaderboard is the scoreboard of the Prom Rep Challenge. It notifies all the Prom Rep Challenge participants the number of referrals and PIF referrals they have earned. The leaderboard is updated daily and includes the ranking or Prom Reps across the United States, Name, State, Prom Rep ID, REF/PIF earned, and the Prizes Earned. If you are not in the top 25 or 50 you can input your Prom Rep Name, ID to find out your ranking.

16. What is a Dashboard?

A: The dashboard is your personalized stats page of how you are doing in the Prom Rep Challenge (PRC), in addition to seeing how many referrals and PIF you have earned, you can get access to your prizes (Apple codes, cash earned). Plus use the PRC tools like printing more discount cards, share your code across social, email template, and get tips from LY Prom Rep Winners.

17. What counts as a referral?

A: A qualified referral is a prom tux renter who provided your Prom Rep ID number, placed a deposit and selected a tux rental package for a prom that occurs no later than June 29, 2014. To qualify, a rental package must include tuxedo coat and pants.

18. What counts as a Paid in Full, PIF?

A: A paid in full (PIF) referral is a qualified prom tux renter who paid for their rental package in full and did not obtain a refund.

19. Q: Is the PRC winner based on PIF or referral?

A: Winner is based on paid in full referrals - PIF.

20. Q: When will you announce the winner of the Prom Rep Challenge?

A: On or about July 14, 2014, the participant with the most paid in full referrals obtained during the challenge period will be declared the contest winner. The contest winner will be announced by August 27, 2014. For complete details, visit menswearhouse.com/promrules

21. Q: How many referrals do I need to get to win the grand prize?

A: That will totally depend on how much game the other Prom Reps bring to the table. The winner will be the participant with the most paid in full referrals obtained during the challenge period. To make sure you're in the running, keep thinking of ways to share your discount code. And remember, to check your status - and the status of your competition - check out the PRC Leaderboard.

22. Q: What happens if there is a tie?

A: See rules for details menswearhouse.com/promrules

23. Q: Do I have to limit myself to referrals from kids at my own high school?

A: No, in fact, we encourage you to get creative and find ways to earn referrals from kids all over the country! And it doesn't matter if their prom date is before or after yours. To qualify toward the Prom Rep Challenge, referrals just need to come in before the end of the challenge on June 29, 2014. However, if you plan to earn a free tux rental for your own prom, you will need to earn at least 5 referrals before your prom event date.

24. Q: My prom is early in the year. Can I earn credit for referrals past my prom date?

A: Yes-you can earn credit for the Prom Rep Challenge until the end of the challenge which is June 29, 2014. For complete details, please visit menswearhouse.com/promrules. However, if you plan to earn a free tux rental for your own prom, you need to earn the five referrals required before your prom event date. For complete details, please review our Prom Rep Terms & Conditions at menswearhouse.com/promrules

25. Q: I'm a girl and don't need the free tux rental for Prom. Can I get something else, instead?

A: With 5 qualified referrals you can choose either a free tux rental (up to $219.99) or a free retail suit or tux (up to $500 retail value). While we can only offer you the FREE product, you are allowed to give it to someone else-free tux rental to your prom date? Free suit to your dad? Regardless, you are still eligible to win the grand prize.

26. Q: Are referrals limited to only proms or do weddings qualify too?

A: Referrals count for prom rentals only.

27. Q: If I earn a free tux rental or suit, can I choose any style offered by Men's Wearhouse?

A: Once you earn the required five referrals, you can choose any tux rental package up to $219.99 (including Black by Vera Wang if all 5 referrals also chose the same) or any brand-new suit or tuxedo up to a $500 retail value. For complete details, please review our Prom Rep Terms & Conditions at menswearhouse.com/promrules.

28. Q: Is the free suit redemption combinable with BOGO so that I can get two suits up to $500?

A: No, offers are not combinable.

29. Q: Do I have to rent my tux from Men's Wearhouse in order to be part of the Prom Rep Challenge?

A: No-no purchase is necessary to enter or win the Prom Rep Challenge. And, purchasing does not improve your chances of winning.

30. Q: When should I come in to choose my tux for Prom? Should I wait until I earn 5 referrals?

A: You should come in as soon as possible to choose your tux style and get fitted. At a minimum, Prom Reps planning to earn a free tux rental by obtaining 5 rental referrals must come into a nearby store and select their tux style, get fitted and place a $20 rental deposit (fully refundable if minimum referrals are met) at least 15 days prior to their prom date to avoid incurring rush fees.

31. Q: When is the latest date to redeem my free tux or suit?

A: The latest you can redeem your FREE product is the day before your prom event, but at this point you would incur late fees for a tux rental and rush fees for any tailoring required on a suit.

32. Q: What happens if I rent my tux but get 5 referrals after I pay in full?

A: You're eligible for a refund if you paid a deposit and referrals occur prior to your prom date.

33. Q: What happens if I earn 5 referrals after my prom and I paid in full for my tux - can I get the free suit?

A: No, but you will continue to earn towards other prizes in the Prom Rep Challenge.

34. Q: Can I redeem my free tux rental or suit online?

A: No, all free product redemptions must occur in the store. Find a store at menswearhouse.com/storelocator

35. Q: How much cash can I earn?

A: The Prom Rep with the most PIF on June 29, 2013 will earn $25,000. The Rep with the 2nd most PIF: $15,000; 3rd: $10,000.

36. Q: How do I receive my cash prize(s)?

A: A Men's Wearhouse marketing representative will contact you via email and phone to confirm your prize and provide you with details.

37. Q: What about the Camp Jam sweeps? Can a Prom Rep win those prizes too?

A: Yes, a Prom Rep can win one of the Camp Jam Sweeps prize. Camp Jam - All Access Experience. For the Winner and his/her guest.
1.One Prize winner of a travel package for a 5 night / 6 day trip for two (2) (double occupancy) at a Camp Jam Power Chord Music Camp event plus two (2) round trip coach airfare tickets from the major gateway airport nearest the winner's home to the airport nearest to the Camp Jam Power Chord Music Camp location selected by the winner. Cost of round trip coach airfare for each Prize may not exceed $350 per traveler.
2.Prize is valued at $3,690 including air fare.
3.Prize winner will receive travel booking instructions sent by Camp Jam, LLC. All travel arrangements must be made directly with Camp Jam, LLC. Certain blackout dates and restrictions apply and vary by resort. All travel must be completed within one calendar year of date of prize acceptance. Prize has no cash value and cannot be transferred or sold.
4.Winner may choose to attend one of the following Camp Jam Overnight Music Camp events:
    a.Orange County, CA - July 13-18, 2014
    b.Dallas, TX - July 13-18, 2014
    c.Chicago, IL - July 20-25, 2014
    d.Boston/NY/Pittsburgh - July 27 - August 1, 2014
    e.Washington, DC - August 3-8, 2014

38. Q: How do I know if I won the Sweeps prize?

A: A Men's Wearhouse marketing representative will contact you via email and phone to confirm your prize and provide you with prize details.

39. Q: I noticed Men's Wearhouse also has Prom contests on social media can I enter those contests, too?

A: Yes, the social contests are open to Prom Reps, however you must entered via the social channel platform. Please refer to the rules posted for entry. The social contests are separate from any prizes earned from the PRC and sweeps.

40. Q: Do I have to make a purchase in order to be eligible for the sweeps prize?

A: No purchase necessary to enter or win; purchase does not improve chances of winning. Eligibility restricted. Program ends 6.29.2014. Void where prohibited. For complete details, see official rules.

41. Q: How do I earn a free tux AND suit?

A: With 5 Paid-in-Full referrals (PIFs), you are eligible to choose between a free tux rental or suit to keep (a $700 value). With 10 PIFs, you are eligible to receive a free tux rental and a suit to keep or 2 free tux rentals. You are only eligible for one free suit.