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    1. Complete the form below with at least one event date. Please note: Your event must take place at least four weeks from the day you sign up, before June 30, 2013.

    2. Submit the appropriate tax forms. After you complete your registration form, you will receive a confirmation email containing instructions on how to submit tax documentation based on your school type. Your school is registered and you can start earning, but tax forms must be submitted before the school will receive a check.

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One or more dates must be entered below. We know its early, so if you have not confirmed your prom date(s) please select Unknown for the type of Prom you are having (Junior, Senior or Combined). Once your prom date(s) is/are confirmed, please notify either your local Men's Wearhouse store or contact us at 1.866.211.0831. We must have the correct prom date(s) or you won't get credit for the qualified rentals.

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We're here to help you make the CASH FOR SCHOOLS program a success. Use these tips to promote the program.

Spread the word. Download the PA Announcement .

Pass out this CFS Flyer at your school.

If you're interested in attending a prom fashion show, or if you have any questions, call us at 1-866-211-0831 or start a live chat . For more tips, visit the Parent/Teacher lounge or check out #MyPromBlog

1. Q: I already filled out a form with a local Men's Wearhouse representative; do I also need to complete an online form?

A: No, if your school completed a paper form prior to online processing being available, your school may already be enrolled. To verify your school's enrollment contact us at 866-211-0831.

2. Q: I've participated in the CFS program previously; will I be automatically enrolled this year?

A: No, your school needs to enroll each year with prom date(s) for the current calendar year. There is no automatic carry over from a previous year.

3. Q: I can't/don't agree to comply with all the points noted as to what schools are asked to do in order to participate (i.e. Host a fashion show, invite Men's Wearhouse to prom committee meetings, display certain collateral, etc.)

A: That's ok. These are suggestions, not requirements. If you have any other ideas that work better for your school, that's great. And we are open to suggestions for continual program improvement. We simply ask that you actively promote the program in order to get the biggest reward for your school.

4. Q: Why can't I allocate the check to be made out to a certain department?

A: Due to the size of this program, and to ensure monies are allocated to and received by the participating school, all checks will be made payable to the school, allowing the school to determine appropriate distribution.

5. Q: Can I get updates on how many rentals my school has earned?

A: A final count of eligible rentals will not be available until the prom event has occurred and it can be determined that rentals are paid in full and contained a minimum coat and pant that is necessary to qualify for the rebate.

6. Q: What if a student that attends my school goes to a different school's prom, do we get credit for his rental?

A: Since there is the possibility that both schools are enrolled in CFS we can only pay once per rental. Rentals are credited to the Prom that is attended not the school in which the student is enrolled. If one of your students attends a different school's prom, that school would get the credit for his rental.

7. Q: How does the store credit my school when a student comes to rent their tuxedo?

A: Store personnel will ask the student for the name of the school for the prom they are renting the tux for and that school will get credit for the rental.

8. Q: We have two separate proms at our school, how does that work?

A: Each event will need to be registered. The online form provides for two event dates. Each prom is treated as a separate event and your school will be paid based on each event individually. Payment will be received within 5 weeks of the prom event date provided there were at least 25 qualifying rentals.

9. Q: How will the rewards/money be delivered to the school?

A: A check, made payable to the school, will be issued and mailed via the USPS to the school's address and the principal's attention.

10. Q: When can I expect to receive the check?

A: Checks will be issued within 5 weeks of the prom event date.

11. Q: Our Prom is less than 4 weeks away, can I still sign up for CFS program?

A: No, unfortunately a school must sign-up at least 4 weeks before their prom event date in order for us to process the registration. Please contact us if you would like to discuss1-866-211-0831.

12. Q: I never received my check, how do I find out if it was sent?

A: Contact us at 1-866-211-0831 and we will track the check to find out when/where it was sent and whether or not it has been cashed.

13. Q: Do all rentals qualify to earn $5 rebate?

A: Rentals that include the minimum coat and pant, and have been paid in full, that were rented for your school's prom event (date and school must match) qualify for $5 rebate. Any tuxes not paid in full, refunded for any reason, earned free or were donated do not qualify and will not be included in final rental count for rebate.

14. Q: I can't find my school on the website form drop down options, how do I sign up for CFS?

A: Please contact us at 1-866-211-0831 and we will help locate your school or add it if needed to our data base over the phone.

15. Q: My school is already enrolled in the CFS program but our prom date has changed, do I need to notify Men's Wearhouse?

A: Yes, it is very important that we are informed of any date changes so that all qualifying tux rentals are accounted for. Contact us at 866-211-0831 to update you school's prom date.

16. Q: Our Senior Prom was already enrolled by the prom advisor; can I still enroll our Junior Prom?

A: Yes, you do not have to enroll both prom dates at the same time. They can be enrolled separately and by two different people.

17. Q: The registration form indicates that tax forms are required for participation, why is that?

A: The reason we ask for school type is so that we know the school's tax status enabling us to comply with Federal Tax requirements if your school earns more than $599.99 in rebates.

18. Q: Can I register the school even if I'm not the person to provide tax information?

A: Yes, you can register the school for CFS. You will receive a confirmation email that contains instructions for submitting appropriate tax information based on school type that can be forwarded to an appropriate person at the school for submission. Completed tax forms are required in order to receive rebates.

19. Q: What happens if my school is a public school however we do not have an IRS Determination letter, can I submit alternate documentation?

A: If your school's is a public entity you are required to provide a copy of your school's IRS Letter of Determination (LOD). In order to receive a donation from our CFS program. Please contact your school's Principal for assistance.

20. Q: What happens if my school is private and the tax information is not received?

A: If school type is private you are required to provide a completed W-9 form with your school's Federal Tax ID number. In order to receive a donation from our CFS program. Please contact your school's Principal for assistance.

21. Q: Can my school earn cash from other, non-Prom events such as Graduation or Homecoming?

A: No, at this time the Cash for School program applies only to tuxedo rentals for Prom events. Please contact us if you would like to discuss further and to tell us about the other events at your school 1-866-211-0831.